Competitions and Exhibitions

The Stratford Camera Club has three (3) rounds of in-club competitions, two for digital projection and one print competition. Members may enter up to 6 images in each round of competition.  Categories are: Open, Nature, and Theme. Images may be entered in only one category or mixed among all of the categories e.g. (2 images in Nature, 1 image in Open, 3 images in Theme or up to 6 images in one category) A properly filled out entry form will be submitted for each competition. Graphic art such as “cut and paste” will not be accepted. The final determination of acceptability will be made by the judges.

February Print Competition
Print submissions must be recent work (within 2 years). A maximum of 6 prints may be entered with an entry fee of $2.00 per print. Prints must conform to the guidelines stated below. An entry form and digital files of the prints must be submitted to the organizing person prior to the competition date. All print submissions will be displayed at the annual Kaleidoscope show in March.
Prints will be produced from a film negative or digital file. Prints size to be no smaller than an 8” x 10” or 80 square inches or no larger than 16” x 20”. Prints must be securely mounted on a clean stiff backing either white 4 – ply illustration board or white foam core. Window matting using a white or black mat is recommended. Only one print per mount is allowed. No double mats. Mats will be no larger than 16” x 20”. On the back of the entry, an identification label (in the top left or right corner) will have the entrant’s name, category, date & title of print. The top of the print is indicated by an arrow.

Digital Projection
Digital images for projection are to be submitted as email attachments or on a thumb drive. All digital images must be accompanied by an electronic entry form correctly filled out. Entries without an entry form will not be judged. Images on thumb drives must have one competition per folder indicating the competition entered. All digital images for projection must be resized to a maximum of 1024 pixels on the width for a horizontal image and a maximum of 768 pixels on the height for a vertical image, using the sRGB colour standard, and oriented correctly. Please save the image with the highest JPEG quality setting possible.

It is very important that the naming convention for the file name of the images be strictly followed. The entry could be returned for correction if instructions are not followed. File naming instructions and examples can be found here, and in the Club Handbook.

Category Definitions

Open (O) – An image of any recognizable subject matter, and may include portraits, man made objects, buildings, and cultivated flora. Included are abstract images with no identifiable subject matter and digitally altered images.

Nature (N) – An image of untamed animals or plants in their natural habitat, geology and phenomena not produced by man. An accurate record of a subject and natural environment is most important. The CAPA definition is used as the criteria for judging this category.

Theme (T) – Subjects vary with each competition and are announced at the beginning of each club year.


Kaleidoscope is an annual exhibition open to the public held in March. There is one showing in the afternoon, and displays the work of members on various subjects as Digital Projections in essay form with musical accompaniment. Essays will include a Title image, name of the essay, and another Title image giving the photographers name and musical credits. A display of prints from the February print competition is also mounted and people are encouraged to mingle. Member participation is vital in making this a success. Donations are solicited and Kaleidoscope has become our chief fund raiser.

General Guidelines for a Kaleidoscope Show

  • Each show must have title slides giving credit to the photographer and musical artists.
  • Shows should be from 3 to 5 minutes long with a 6 min maximum.
  • A theme or story is important and music should enhance the theme.
  • A variety of images, i.e. different times of day, different focal distances, variety of subject within the theme, is important, but these guidelines should not hamper the creativity of the photographer.
  • Short video segments are permitted but should not fill the entire show.
  • The technical quality in each photograph should be considered.
  • The use of pans zooms and other slide effects as well as transitions should enhance the flow of the show.
  • How a show is created is up to the photographer but with the variety of software available, any show must be compatible with the club’s equipment.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt provides some summertime shooting, 15 subjects are selected and members are encouraged to submit their best interpretation of each subject. Images are captured between March 1st and November 1st.

No snapshots please. Use your imagination and present thoughtful, interpretations. Minimum post processing allowed.


The image or print with the highest score in a category will be awarded 1st place. Next lowest score awarded 2nd place, next lowest score awarded 3rd and next lowest score awarded Honourable Mention.