2016 / 2017 Deadlines and Reminders

November 1st

Deadline for 1st round of SCC competitions. Theme Topic: Multiples

December 31st

Deadline for Kaleidoscope images.

March 7th

Deadline for 2nd round of SCC competitions. Theme Topic: Alive

March 26th

Kaleidoscope: 2pm Griffith Auditorium, Woodland Towers, 643 West Gore St. Stratford

Please Remember:

Entry forms must be included with each round of SCC competitions and will be available on the website or at general meetings. Any entries not accompanied by an entry form will not judged.

Digital images for projection must be correctly sized to a maximum of 1400×1050 pixels. Use constraint proportions, 1400 pixels long side for horizontals and 1050 pixels high for verticals or what the constraint proportions designate (the second side will likely be smaller than the maximum noted). Images must be in the proper orientation. Digital files for projection must also have the correct naming convention (category initial-photo title-photographer’s initials.jpg) and saved at the highest possible resolution (90% or better).

Print images must be securely mounted on illustration board or foam core. The preferred method is window matted with a foam core backing images may be fixed to either the matt or backing. Mats may be white or black.