File Naming & Entry Forms

It is very important that the naming convention for the file name for both the entry form and images be strictly followed. The entry could be returned for correction if instructions are not followed.

Naming of Entry Form
A completed entry form should be “saved as”: comp#-year-YourName.file extension (e.g. #1 for Excel – comp1-2015-JohnDoe.xls,  e.g. #2 for OpenDocument – comp3-2015-JaneDoe.odt)

Naming of Images
Images must be renamed so the file name shows: category initial-photo title-photographer’s initials.jpg (e.g. #1 – T-FrozenWater-DB.jpg,  e.g. #2 – O-SpanishStreet-DS.jpg) Note: No spaces between the words, use hyphens between the category, title and your initials. Each word starts with a capital letter. See here for category definitions.

  • Workshop or outing submissions should be submitted using a similar format (Outing-Jan-15-2015-your initials.jpg)
  • The entry form and digital files of the images must be submitted to the organizing person prior to the competition date.
  • Please note that images for CAPA competitions follow a slightly different file name naming convention. Adherence to instructions is required.


SCC Entry Forms

Entry forms can be download in either OpenDocument (ODT) or Excel (XLS) format.

excel_iconClick here to download form in Excel format

odt_iconClick here to download form in OpenDocument format