Judging Guidelines

Judges are generally selected from outside the club membership for all competitions. Using the “Judging Guidelines” below as a reference, each judge scores the image or print with a “10” being the highest score. The 3 judge’s scores are totalled for a score out of “30”.

Light and exposure

0 = Badly over or under-exposed.
1 = Use of light is adequate and appropriate with some tolerance for exposure range.
2 = Use of light and exposure well handled and absolutely correct with no obvious lighting problems.
3 = Light and exposure have been used effectively, beyond mere recording. The exposure may be deliberately unusual but correct, and the image shows skill in the use of light direction, character, and colour.


0 = The subject image is not sharp or as sharp as required in subject areas.
1 = The subject area is sharp. Blurred areas are an enhancement or not a fault.

Composition and Design

0 = Composition is careless with significant distractions. Design is not apparent or not satisfactory.
1 = Composition and design are satisfactory. Distractions may be apparent but not dominant.
2 = Composition and design are without fault. There are no distractions.
3 = The organization of the elements is critical to the success of the image. Composition and design are both with out fault or distraction.

Mood, Impact, Subject Matter

0 = The image has little emotional appeal and fails to communicate an objective.
1 = The image initiates some emotional response or recognition of the makers perceived objective.
2 = The subject conveys a sense of place or an event and is accurately rendered. There is an automatic emotional response.
3 = The image is powerful and evokes an immediate emotional response which is strong and lasting. The subject matter is well selected and portrayed.